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Human Anchor Formation Dramatizes Theme of Maritime Week

A human anchor formation, a confetti of petals, and a motorcade. These are the highlights of the opening of National Maritime Week Celebration held on Sept. 24, 2012 at the Quirino Granstand, Rizal Park, Manila.

The opening was joined by 22 MMPI cadets of the Mariners system headed by Mr. Estelito R. Clemente and Mr. Sherwin A. Narvadez along with Ms. Merle J. San Pedro, Mariners VPFA. More contingents and delegations came from other maritime institutions, coast guard personnel, government agencies, and shipping companies.

"One Hundred Years After Titanic: Lessons from Past Maritime Disasters" highlighted this year’s maritime week celebration which was facilitated by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

The opening of the celebration was formally affirmed by the PCG Vice Admiral Edmund Tan, Marina Administrator Nick Conti, and Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) General Manager DJ Sta Ana.

Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC) Undersecretary for Operation Rafael Santos, guest of honor, underlined the importance of the STCW Convention of the IMO and its strict implementation, with the safety of life and of property at sea as priority.

Students from maritime schools, coast guard personnel, maritime staffs, organizations, shipping companies, training centers like the Mariners’ Polytechnic Training Center, gathered and formed the human anchor which symbolized unity in the maritime sector in pursuing safety of life and property at sea.

The speakers also thanked President Benigno Aquino III for issuing Executive Order no. 75, an enactment of the 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (including the 2010 Manila Amendment) which settled the long issue of governance.

The public witnessed the dropping of petals from the PCG helicopter at the Quirino Grandstand and the motorcade along the Roxas Boulevard.

MPCF CamSur Student is Most Outstanding Maritime Student 2012

Winning over hundreds of Maritime students all over the country, D/C John Eric A. Flores bagged the title as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Maritime Students of 2012. The tilt was held during the 17th National Seafarers’ Day with the awarding on Sept. 25, 2012 at the PhilAm Life auditorium, Manila.

Flores, a 3rd year graduating student, is a consistent First Honor from first year to the present and is vying for top honors in the coming graduation.

The competition for the outstanding maritime students started with 70 nominees from different maritime schools, from whom 34 finalists were short-listed, until after several screenings and interviews, 10 cadets were finally chosen. The panel of interviewers was composed of high officials from maritime and non-maritime industries.

“Nerve-wracking” is what Flores described the interview. “But I am so thankful to God for giving me the confidence and positive aura that caught the attention of the interviewers,” he said.

The competition was sponsored by Western Union. This is the company’s third year in a row to recognize future seafarers during the yearly Student’s Day of the National Maritime Week.

D/C Flores is the second title holder from MPCF-Camarines Sur after E/C Luis Nico Enciso who was also chosen among the top 10 in 2011.

MPCF Canaman Plays Host to Military Parade

The campus grounds of MPCF Canaman welcomed military contingents and majorettes from 21 schools of Camarines Sur in the yearly military parade held on Aug. 12, 2012. Held at the MPCF’s campus in Baras, Canaman the military parade was one of the highlights in the town’s annual fiesta.

The military contenders wore contest-best galas snappily while beautiful majorettes wore their attires with a smile. Military sounds resonated in the whole campus as the various school bands played, hoping to be chosen as one of the top five contenders in the Peñafrancia Fiesta Military Parade.

The MPCF’s Mariners’ Industry Scholars (MIS) took the chance to encourage graduating high school students to enroll at Mariners’. Career guidance was held simultaneously with the program.

Ms. Marian Her. Lazaro, VPAA, delivered her message together with Mr. Napoleon P. Mangente, VPA and C/M Manuel Olivan, Dean of Maritime Studies.

The charming majorettes of Mariners’ together with the famous Mariners’ Band were on the forefront  of the parade,  marching to the town center of Canaman  for the exhibition and competition.

Philippines ratifies international seafarers’ bill of rights

By Tina G. Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer 
August 22, 2012
Posted by MPCF Legazpi
August 22, 2012

The Philippines has officially become the 30th member-state of the International Labor Organization (ILO) to ratify the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) of 2006, dubbed the international seafarers’ bill of rights.
Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said ILO Director-General Juan Somavia has already received the Philippines’ instrument of ratification, which finally gives the international body the minimum number of ratifications needed to set the new maritime standards in motion.

The provisions of the Convention state that it will come into force 12 months after it is ratified by at least 30 member-states with a total share in the world gross tonnage of ships of 33 percent.

“Director General Somavia expressed his sincere thanks to the government of the Philippines for this ratification,” Baldoz added.

Seafarers’ rights

Prior to last week’s Senate ratification of the MLC, 29 ILO member-states (representing 58.5 percent of the world’s gross tonnage of ships) had deposited their instruments of ratification with the ILO director general.

The ILO said MLC 2006 provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for the world’s more than 1.2 million seafarers. It consolidates and updates more than 68 international labor standards related to the maritime sector adopted over the last 80 years.

Around 300,000 overseas Filipino seafarers and 60,000 domestic seafarers stand to benefit from the MLC 2006, according to Baldoz.

With the Philippine ratification of the MLC 2006, the DOLE will immediately call stakeholders to a series of meetings to finalize regulations and propose legislation to fulfill the promise of seafarer protection and competitiveness, Baldoz said.

Fourth pillar

Baldoz said that once it enters into force, the MLC 2006 will be the “fourth pillar” of the international regulatory regime for quality shipping. The other key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are: the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea of 1974, as amended (SOLAS); International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of 1978, as amended (STCW); and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

“Our country’s ratification of MLC 2006 highlights over a decade of involvement of the Philippine government, through the Department of Labor and Employment, in global maritime affairs that contributed to the adoption of the Convention in 2006. Thereafter, we pursued tripartite efforts through the DOLE-led Maritime Industry and Tripartite Council to address compliances and issues in Philippine maritime labor law and policy,” said Baldoz.


"DIOS MABALOS sa saimong itinanom na karahayan asin paglaom sa sarong panalmingan na liderato. Ini padagos na mabubuhay sa lambang Filipino."

Together with the people of naga and the rest of the Filipino people, we mourn the death of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo-- a simple, highly respected and incorruptible official who lived a full life and served his constituency and this country extraordinarily.

The Mariners' Polytechnic Colleges/Foundation (Naga, Canaman, Legaspi) Community is saddened by the great loss of a special son of Naga in Sec Jesse's passing. He passionately loved Naga and called it his "happy place" that even unto his death, he managed to make Naga popular bringing even President Noynoy Aquino, his Cabinet and thousands of Filipinos whose lives he touched -- to this once obscure city.

We, the Mariners' System, value the great man that he was...

 Yes, most revered this great man for the many good deeds he had done while with us. People from all walks of life regard him as one rare gem in politics who served with integrity and faith in good governance and dedication to his family and his strong spirituality.

Not many felt his heart, hands and feet when it comes to his being organized during calamities. He actively worked with maritime people during his incumbency as Mayor of Naga City spearheading seminars and fora on disaster preparedness. This honorable man came from a "catch basin" city where flood frequently visits during rainy season. He took this as a challenge and constantly sought for solutions to this perennial problem in his beloved City and translated these works in tandem with the people of maritime. He unabashedly walked barefoot with us not only during fluvial processions in celebration of the fiesta of INA-- Our Lady of Peñafrancia but, figuratively his feet laid bare and had marched in enormous events in his beloved hometown.
As an epitome of public service Sec Jesse will be remembered as a great servant leader and a dedicated family man who despite all available glitter and trappings of political power rejected an extravagant life in Manila and go back to his beloved hometown Naga until his death. Welcome home, our great Mayor and brother.

"DIOS MABALOS sa saimong itinanom na karahayan asin paglaom sa sarong panalmingan na liderato. Ini padagos na mabubuhay sa lambang Filipino."

The Mariners' Community salutes SEC. JESSE MANALASTAS ROBREDO -- a true Bicolano, Filipino and simple brother to ALL especially the common tao. We shall keep you LEGACY alive!

Two MIS Scholars Top Seafarers’ Day Art Contests

Every Mariner should take pride in the fact that students excel not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities. Proof is that two of the MPCF Camariner Sur’s students went home with top prizes in poster-banner and photography competitions during the Maritime Week’s 17th National Seafarers’ Day (NSD) Celebration on Sept. 26, 2012.

The two were Midn. Junel I. de Lima, first place in the Poster-Banner Making Contest sponsored by Apostleship of the Sea through seamanonline.ph, and Midn. Donald Hubilla, second place, in the photography tilt also organized by the Apostleship of the Sea (AOS).

De Lima, a 3rd Year BS Marine Transportation MIS cadet, received the highest number of “thumbs up” in online voting through www.seamanonline.ph to grab the best poster-banner design. He bested 12 other entries from different maritime schools nationwide.

De Lima received a plaque of recognition and cash prize on Sept. 26 at the awarding ceremony, PhilAm Life Convention Center, Manila. He also received T-shirts with his own design printed.

Mariners President Commo. Dante La. Jimenez also received a plaque of recognition from the Apostleship of the Sea.

“This achievement is not really mine,” De Lima said in an interview. “It’s for all of us because these are the joint efforts of my batchmates and the whole MIS family including Sir Mario I. Castor our (MIS) Drill Instructor, Sir Clemente, our Academic Adviser, and Ma’am Marian Lazaro, the VPAA.” He also thanked Mr. Jayson Cabello, Computer 1 & 2 Teacher, “from whom I learned all what I know right now in Photoshop and also for allowing us to use the Computer Lab during the voting period.”

As the winning entry, De Lima’s poster-banner design was printed on T-shirts worn during the National Seafarers’ Day Parade on Sept. 30. “I was very glad when I saw my design printed in T-shirts worn during the parade plus when I read comments on Facebook saying that they like the design and asking where they can buy the printed shirt,” he added.

Meanwhile, Midn. Donald Hubilla, a 2nd Year BS Marine Engineering MIS Cadet, won second place in the 17th NSD Photo Challenge. His winning entry was titled “Grease and Hardships.” The photo contest, also sponsored by the Apostleship of the Sea (AOS), ran from Sept. 7 – 25, 2012. Midn. Hubilla received a plaque of recognition and a cash prize.

Hubilla’s other photo entry, “Grain…grain…grain,” was also in the top 6 giving him a consolation prize. In an interview Midn. Hubilla gratefully thanked God, the MIS superiors - Mr.Castor, Mr. Clemente, and Ms. Lazaro - and everyone for their prayers and support.