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MPCF conducts Customs Board Operation and Alumni Grand Eyeball in Metro-Manila

The B.S. Customs Administration group from MPCF Camarines Sur composed of students and faculty headed by Alumni Coordinating Office head Mr. Ram Tolaram (extreme right) while cheering the board examinees and paying a visit to the Bureau of Customs office in Manila.

Metro Manila – The Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA) group from Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Camarines Sur conducted a series of activities in Metro Manila for the members of Harbors Club, an organization composed of students taking up Customs Administration course and the practicing graduate-professionals who now work at the Bureau of Customs and in private brokerage firms.

MPCF-Camarines Sur Alumni Coordinating Office (ACO) head Mr. Ram Tolaram disclosed that the occasion was held on October 23 and 24, 2013.

With him in the trip were BSCA Department Chair Numeriano Ilan, faculty member Ms. Edna Nacion, officers of Harbor Club which include Ms. Nhea Jane Sienes, Ms. Jaquelyn Ramos and Mr. Joffer Emerenciana. Several students presently taking up the course went with the entourage.

The delegation had the purpose of motivating and encouraging BSCA students of Mariners to take the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) licensure examination after they have finished college. During the trip, the students have seen graduates well placed and now productively working in Manila.

They also went there to lend moral support to those who took the board examination and to learn the latest trends in the profession so the next batch of students and examinees may be guided.

One of the important missions of the group was to attend the Customs Alumni Grand Eyeball. This was aimed at reuniting and establishing linkages with the graduates of MPCF who can help in the training and employment assistance of students once they have finished their course.

“The trip has been productive and it served as a chance for students who joined the delegation to see graduates of Customs Administration occupying positions at the Bureau of Customs and in private brokerage firms. It was also an occasion for them to help boost the morale of board examinees from Mariners”, said Deane Jane Florece, President of Harbor who heads the MPCF-Camarines Sur’s Alumni Coordinating Office.

Passers of Customs Broker Licensure Exam from MPCF Cam Sur announced

Canaman, Camarines Sur - Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation-Canaman (MPCF) this province has again made a mark in producing licensed Customs Brokers among other maritime professionals in the Bicol Region.

Official results of the recent Customs Broker Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on October 22 and 23, 2013 cited seven (7) MPCF Cam Sur Customs Administration graduates as successful Board passers.

The Office of the Registrar through Ms. Marita B. Relloso identified the new Customs Brokers as Dianne Nollan Atienza of Pamplona, Camarines Sur; Maricel Sandagon Colasito of Libmanan, Camarines Sur; Charmie Portugal Delos Santos of Naga City; Mark Ivan Dacuno Rabe of Pili, Camarines Sur; Ryan Edward Paloma Rull of Nabua, Camarines Sur, Rommel Pelaez Saculo of Iriga City; and Rosal Molin San Buenaventura of Camaligan, Camarines Sur.

Ms. Relloso said this year’s National Passing Percentage of 41.71% was handily surpassed by the school’s 53.85% Institutional Passing Percentage. She added that for the last six years, the institution has registered an average increase of 18% in its rating which is higher than above national passing percentage. ###

MPCF- Cam Sur graduate finds work at an American ship challenging and exciting

MPCF Canaman Mdn. Manalo Renz Urbano (left) with relatives in the U.S.A. He works at the M/V UAL America, a container ship with European countries and South America as destinations and now lives in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California
– Renz Urbano of Daet Camarines Norte, a 2009 BSMT graduate of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Canaman, Camarines Sur has communicated his whereabouts to the Alumni Coordinating Office (ACO) on his recent job as a seafarer.

He now works at the M/V UAL America, a container ship while he now lives in Los Angeles, California in U.S.A. For him, to work with an American shipping firm is both exciting and challenging. While he is based in the U.S.A., the vessel where he works usually follow routes to European countries as destinations.

“This makes it both exciting and challenging. It is exciting in the sense that I go to places I never imagined I would set foot while studying at Mariners. I find it challenging because of the adjustments I have to make at work plus being in countries with cold weather while sailing. However, I enjoy it as this is what I really wanted to be – a seafarer and I am able to apply what I learned during my college days”, disclosed Renz Urbano in a statement he relayed to the MPCF Alumni Coordinating Office.

His work as a seafarer has made a difference to him and his family. “It would be different had I taken up another course in college. With my degree, it is easy for me to find job with this highly specialized course plus the fact that I found a work where my heart is. My family is happy for me. I thank Mariners for what I am now”, Urbano added.

Meanwhile, the Alumni Coordinating Offices of the Mariners schools continue to trace the whereabouts of alumni who are now scattered all over the globe.

“Whatever success our graduates have attained, they serve as inspiration to the administration, staff and the maritime cadets who aspire to be fulfilled seafarers, someday”, said Napoleon Mangente, Vice President for Administration of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges in Canaman, Camarines Sur. ###

Ordeal at sea makes survivor-apprentice seaman from MPCF more determined to pursue seafaring career

Canaman, Camarines Sur –Mart Gregory Manalo, a surviving crew member of the ill-fated M/V St. Thomas Aquinas sea vessel that sank near the coastline of Cebu is more determined than ever to pursue his seafaring career.

MPCF Canaman Mdn. Manalo Apprentice seaman Mart Gregory Manalo (MPCF-Cam Sur BSMT Class 2011) in his visit at the Shipboard Training Office (STO) when he went home after the sea mishap occurred off the shoreline of Cebu

It can be recalled that in the evening of August 16, 2013 the ship where he worked went under the sea after colliding with a bigger cargo vessel– the M/V Sulpicio Express Siete.

In a statement made in a recent interview with a local radio station DWNX of Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) in Naga City he said, “I consider the danger that I faced when the ship sank off the coast of Cebu as an experience which has made me stronger. Now I value more than ever the training I had with Mariners as had not it been for it, I could have not survived and saved some passengers”, said Mart Gregory Manalo.

Manalo is a 2011 Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) graduate of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) and a native of Bgy. Sta.Teresita in Canaman, Camarines Sur.

In that incident, he got a first-hand experience on the application of what has been learned in school.

“The incident happened so fast that the main agenda for the moment was to save the lives of the passengers and the crew. In less than about 30 minutes, my ship went underwater after it collided with sturdier cargo ship. At the height of the confusion, presence of mind was needed and priority was to distribute the life jackets amidst the darkness that enveloped the surrounding. There was not much time left and what I learned in my trainings became automatic gestures that saved my life and the lives of other passengers”, Manalo said in the interview.

He exhorted maritime students to take seriously their studies and trainings. When he entered MPCF Camarines Sur, he said he didn’t even know how to swim. He claimed that his focus on studies bore fruit as he was able to make use of what he learned and the sea accident converted him into a new person with a new lease of life and now he claims he is a better and stronger seafarer who has undergone a baptism of fire at sea.

When asked if he would still continue with his career after a near-death experience when his sea vessel sank, he answered, “Being a seaman is now my life. Now, I realize that the incident has given me a mission to convey the message to aspiring seafarers to have the right mindset while still in school and the correct attitude one should have once at work. How a cadet takes his studies could spell not only his success in the chosen career but in saving lives at sea, including one’s own life”, survivor Cadet Mart Gregory Manalo concluded in the radio interview in which he was featured. ###

Players of Mariners bring home gold and MVP title in Taekwondo Legazpi Championship

MPCF Canaman Taekwondo Team Most Valuable Player Kia Justiniana of Mariners Camarines Sur (in red vest) showing her winning form in the Legazpi Taekwondo fest

Legazpi City
– Three gold, one silver and four bronze medals have been brought home by the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) Camarines Sur Taekwondo Varsity Team with one of its players having been named as ‘Most Valuable Player’.

The 4th Embarcadero de Legazpi Taekwondo Championship 2013 was held on October 6, 2013 and participated in by fifteen delegations coming from the different provinces of the Bicol Region specifically from Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Sorsogon, Camarines Norte, Albay and from schools in the Cities of Naga and Legazpi.

MPCF Sports Coordinator Ram Tolaram disclosed the following official results:

Medalist Category Award Received
Justiniana, Kia M. Flyweight Gold Medal and MVP
Andal, Jullio Cesar (Team Captain) Welterweight Gold Medal
Domagsang Wilmar B. Middleweight Gold Medal
Jose, Odelou Middleweight Silver Medal
Valdez, John Levy Flyweight Bronze Medal
Santos, Aldrin Rey B. Flyweight Bronze Medal
Arche, Jeffrey H. Bantamweight Bronze Medal
Naldoza, Emmanuel A. Lightweight Bronze Medal

MPCF Taekwondo Team Members of the MPCF Taekwando Varsity Team (Left to Right – Macmellan Chavez, John Levy Valdez, Sports Coordinator Ram Tolaram, MVP Kia Justiniana and Coach Allan Rey Briones)

In an interview with Most Valuable Player (MVP) Kia Justiniana, a first year Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation student of MPCF Camarines Sur, she said she enjoys the sport more so that it is good exercise, she delights going to places where the tournaments are held and playing for the varsity allows her to enjoy partial scholarship in the course she is taking.

When asked on how she takes the dangers and pains encountered while playing, with her being a girl with fragile physical build, she replied, “It is part of the game”.

She exhorts future lady-taekwondo players to instill disciplne and follow the advice of the coach. “I’m overwhelmed although happy when I got the gold medal and after having been declared MVP in the tournament”, Justiniana added.

With this accomplishment, the Mariners System takes pride in the accomplishment made by MPCF Taekwondo Varsity Team as it won the 2nd Runner-up position in the over-all standing it got in the play-offs.

MPCF CamSur confirms passers of recent Marine Engineer Officers Licensure Examination

MPCF MARE Passers The Registrar’s Office at MPCF Camarines Sur led by Ms. Marita Relloso (seated at the back table) and staff
(left to right) – Pinky Imperial, Melanie Borromeo and Cynthia Nepomuceno at work after receiving the list of board passers.

Canaman, Camarines Sur– The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the list of board passers from Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province for the recent Marine Engineer Officers Licensure Examination.

As per information from MPCF Registrar Ms. Marita Relloso, Glenn Aragdon Amaro of Salvacion, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur and Rex Cheng Ilao of Bayawas St., Naga City passed the test for Chief Marine Engineers given in the month of September 2013.

Aragdon is a 1994 Marine Engineering Certificate (MEC) holder while Cheng finished his Associate in Marine Engineering (AME) in 1997 and his Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering degree (BSMARE) in 2003.

Meanwhile, the registrar also released the following list of approved applicants for upgrading as Chief Marine Engineers based on the requirements set by PRC Board Resolutions, series of 2013:

  • BOLINA, Ronaldo Colico - CAR 2002; BSMARE 2003; Bato, Camarines Sur
  • BRAZAL, Roberto Crescini - 2-year AME 1992; San Jose, Baybayon, Buhi, Camarines Sur
  • INTIA, Glenn Romero - 2-year AME; 1989; Bato, Camarines Sur
  • JUANILLAS, Joy Bisconde - 3-year AME; BSMARE 1997; Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
  • NOGRA, Duel Sta. Ana - 2-year AME 1987; Naga City
  • SAMILLANO, Eulogio Dagon - 2-year AME 1989; San Roque, nabua, Camarines Sur
  • SUS, Jolly Saludar - 3-year AME 1994; San Pascual, Masbate.

The school administration thru its President Commodore Dante La. Jimenez have sent congratulatory message to Engrs. Aragdon and Ilao for the recent feat they have achieved in their chosen profession while the best of everything is wished for those who will take the upgrading examination for Chief Marine Engineers.

These graduates of MPCF are expected to carry the torch of excellence as more aspiring seafarers who are now taking various maritime courses at Mariners look upon them as their elder brothers who set worthy examples for them to follow after they graduate. ###