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Veritas Maritime Corporation visits MPCF Camarines Sur for cadetship tie-up

The visiting guests from Veritas Maritime Corporation chat with officers of MPCF-Camarines Sur during a break. (Left to right) 2nd Mate Jay B. Alfaro – Veritas’ Cadetship Development Officer, Mrs Alfaro, Mr. Eufemio K. Eloriaga – Assistant Training Manager, MPCF’s VPAA Marian Lazaro, President Dante Jimenez, HR Head Dr. Edgar Despi, and (back to camera) VPA Nap Mangente & Captain Rasco of the school’s Maritime studies.

Canaman, Camarines Sur – Officials of Veritas Maritime Corporation visited on February 18, 2014 Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF), this province to firm-up a tie up with the school when it comes to possible apprenticeship and scholarship of qualified maritime cadets.

The delegation was led by Veritas’ Cadetship Development Officer Jay B. Alfaro and Assistant Training Manager Eufemio K. Eloriaga. They have come to give examination to graduating students whose next move is to undergo apprenticeship. Cadets who will finish their 3rd year in either the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) or Bachelor of Science on Marine Engineering (BSMarE) courses will have to become apprentices in shipping enterprises this coming Academic Year 2014-2015 to be able to complete the course.

This company has been doing coordination with the school in the past years especially with their search for students with outstanding academic and training performances who can start their careers with them.

Veritas has noted the exceptional feat of many cadets who got employed in this shipping firm and this is the reason why they keep on coming back to source for graduates who can be productively hired in the coming years.

With this show of trust to the school by shipping companies, the MPCF administration has reiterated to the faculty and staff not to stop in its relentless effort to sustain the level of excellence which the institution has been pursuing in the past decades. “As Mariners celebrates its 40th Foundation Anniversary, let us continue our firm resolve to keep up to the expectation for quality education. We have no alternative but to maintain excellence in our performance as a maritime school as we continue to emulate the institution’s Founder – Commodore Jaime C. Jimenez when he started the school 40 years ago”, President Jimenez declared to MPCF personnel during the visit of the representatives from Veritas Maritime Corporation.

The trip of the Veritas shipping group happened on the date MPCF Vice President for Administration Nap Mangente (right picture in red shirt) was observing his natal day, the reason for the simple ‘merienda cena’ long table with the guests and school officials.

Meantime, the call coincided with the birthday of MPCF Camarines Sur Vice President for Administration Nap Mangente in which the celebrant feted the guests to a merienda cena at the school’s Culinary Arts Center. ###

Jifrey Azor brings home honor to school and country from South Africa’s international swimfest

MPCF’s Midshipman Jifrey Azor during the awards rites after winning an event in the swimming competition held in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa - Midshipman Jifrey Azor of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Camarines Sur has once again carved a name for Mariners school and the country in the 2014 Western Province Aquatics (WPA) Swimming Gala held at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) Aquatics Center in Cape Town, South Africa. He is one in the eight-member Philippine Swimming League (PSL) contingent which saw action in South Africa from February 8 – 10, 2014.

Out of 80 participants in the 50-meter backstroke event, Azor got the bronze medal confirming his being a swimmer of international caliber. In the previous competition held in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2013, he won two gold in the 100-meter backstroke and in relay swimming and one silver medal plus a trophy, with him having been adjudged as ‘Most Outstanding Swimmer’ in the event.

Meanwhile, the Philippine swimming team visited Blue Downs, a neighboring district in the vicinity of Cape Town for a community service and exhibition swim with the kids in the area.

“The locals welcomed us with warm smiles on their faces and had a short program dancing together with the whole PSL team. After that the PSL swimmers had a short exhibition swim against their local swimmers. It was a such great experience among two entirely different cultures dancing as one” said Ms. Susan Papa, President of the Philippine Swimming League.

In a light mood, Jifrey Azor (left, standing in blue Philippine-team jacket) mingling, singing and dancing with swimmers who belong to a different culture in a visit to Blue Downs, a neighboring district near Cape Town where the group rendered community service and exhibition swim. PSL Susan Papa (in-front of the crowd in red shirt) leads the merrymaking number with South Africans and Filipino swimmers.

(Left picture) Midshipman Azor poses with South African swimming counterparts and (right picture) with the eight-person PSL swimming contingent from the Philippines who saw action in Cape Town.

“The Mariners System congratulates him as we rejoice in his new conquest in the field of swimming as a sport which has a bearing in the course he is taking. As a future seafarer, his swimming skill means a lot to the career he has chosen to embrace”, said VP for Administration Nap Mangente of MPCF-Camarines Sur.

Red Sea Lion team bags 2014 Intrams championship at MPCF-CamSur

Stalwarts of the Red Sea Lion team which captured the over-all championship in the 3-day Intramurals at Mariners-Camarines Sur proudly hold the trophies symbolizing their victory. (Left to right) Team-mates Rowland Peraz – adjudged as one of the ‘Mythical 5’ in basketball , Midshipman Raul Billiones – leader and manager of Red Sea Lion team and Midshipman Jay R Nacario – as Most Valuable Player.

Canaman, Camarines Sur – The 2014 inter-color Intramurals at Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province was held successfully from February 6 to 8, 2014, participated by six competing teams which vied for victory in the different events and more importantly for the over-all championship.

In an interview with Midshipman Raul Billiones, the Team Leader and Manager of the Red Sea Lion Team which won the over-all championship, he said “It is important to instill confidence in the capability of the players and inspire them to be in high morale before they play. In this way, the chances that they will be victorious is high”.

On the other hand, he emphasized the value of good leadership for whoever is in-charge of the group and the importance of teamwork among individual members of the squad.

“The players have to be supported in terms of what they need. A leader has to treasure the contribution which every member of the team can put in to the over-all performance. The effort to attend meticulously to the requirements asked by the players has contributed greatly for our team to get the over-all championship in the recently concluded Intramurals”, declared Midshipman Billiones.

Corps of Midshipmen and school officials grace the recognition activity for winning contingents of the 2014 Intramurals held at the JCJ Sports Complex at the school campus. Left picture (left to right) Ryan Maverick Pan who was adjudged Mr. Intramurals, Ronnel Anthony Co who won as Princess of the 7 Seas ‘Comedy Pageant’, Director of Student Affairs Fatima Edna Balaquiao and VP for Academic Affairs Marian Lazaro. Right picture – Corps of Midshipman head Jensen Paolo Albia (left) and Sports Coordinator Ram Tolaram (right) as they prepare the trophies to be distributed to the winners at the Intramural’s awarding ceremony.

Included in the events played were ballgames such as basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw and table tennis. Also, among the events participated in were badminton, swimming and chess. Other features such as the ‘Search for Mister and Miss Intramurals’ and the ‘Search for the Seven Seas Princess’ – a cultural and ‘comedy pageant’ were among the colorful activities in the three-day affair.

Meantime, the Corp of Midshipmen (Supreme Student Government) led by President Jensen Paolo Albia ran the Intramural’s activities.

The competing teams have been divided into six groups with each contingent representing a color and composed of mixed students taking up various courses. Aside from the Red Sea Lion which captured the over-all championship, other teams which participated in the school sporting event include the Green Swordfish as First Runner-up, Yellow Stingrays as 2nd Runner-up, Black Viper Fish as 3rd Runner-up, Blue Marlins as 4th Runner-up and Violet Whales as 5th Runner-up.

The glitter of trophies and honors at stake gave the motivation to the teams to excel in the different events played during the 2014 Inter-color Intramurals at MPCF Camarines Sur.

“I extend my thanks to the students and the school administrators who thru their participation and support, the 2014 Intramurals was a success. I also thank God for the good weather and the ‘zero injuries’ that marked the activity”, said Master Midshipman Albia.

“It has been observed and confirmed that more students participated today compared to Intramurals held in the previous years; this is something which we are proud of as this speaks of the commitment of students to be involved in school activities and their performance in the games showed their passion to excel”, student leader Albia concluded.

Japanese university students visit MPCF-Camarines Sur; amazed how future seafarers are trained

Students from the kwansei Gakuin University in Japan paid a visit to MPCF campus to familiarize themselves with the school in Bicol offering maritime courses. They are amazed upon learning that graduates of the Mariners Schools come to work in shipping firms based in their country. (Left to right) Ayaka Hirai, Yasuko Kawamoto, Reisha Takahashi and Ichiko Saito.

Canaman, Camarines Sur – Students from Kwansei Gakuin University in Hyogo, Japan visited the campus of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF), this province on February 3, 2014.

They are here in the Philippines to teach Japanese culture in selected elementary public schools in the province of Camarines Sur but became curious upon learning that there is a maritime school in the vicinity whose graduates come to work in Japanese shipping firms.

It was learned from them that Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Camarines Sur is included in their itinerary among the institutions to be visited aside from their mission to teach Japanese culture to grade-schools students.

The group toured the school campus, interacted with maritime cadets, members of the faculty and staff and had a birds-eye-view on how future seafarers are prepared in the school before they finally embark in shipping vessels where they will work as maritime officers.

These students will stay for only one-week and will have teaching engagements in Cagsao Elementary School in Calabanga town, Pipian Elementary School in the municipality of San Fernando and at the San Isidro and San Roque Elementary Schools in Camaligan – all within the province of Camarines Sur.

The visiting Japanese students are entertained by the school’s Alumni and Sports Coordinator Ram Tolaram and other school personnel . The visitors appreciate the trophies won in previous competitions by MPCF Camarines Sur swimming star Jifrey Azor who left for Capetown, South Africa recently to compete in an international swimfest representing Mariners and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Mariners community is happy upon knowing the interest in the school of these young foreign students and the trainings given to would-be seafarers.

“Their curiousity has somehow opened our eyes that the Mariners schools in Bicol have already created an awareness when it comes to being a maritime institution. This gives us the reason and inspiration to maintain quality education inasmuch as at this point, it is not only the locals but the world looks at us”, said Vice President for Administration Nap Mangente of MPCF-Camarines Sur.

MPCF’s Jifrey Azor goes to South Africa to compete in international swimfest

Mariners swimming star Jifrey Azor (left) together with a team-mate on-board a Qatar Airways jetliner bound for Capetown, South Africa

Metro Manila
– Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation’s swimming star Jifrey Azor enplaned to Capetown, South Africa February 3, 2014 as a member of the eight-man crack Philippine Swimming League (PSL) squad to see action in the 2014 Western Province Aquatics (WPA) Swimming Gala scheduled on February 8 to 10 at the University of Western Cape (UWC) Aquatics Center.

Aside from Midshipman Azor who hails from MPCF-Camarines Sur, other members of the team representing the country are reigning University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) national champions Denjylie Cordero of the University of the Philippines, Emanuel Joshua Lorbes, McTracy Alindogan, Portia Kate Doragos, John Carlo Doragos, Kyla Soguilon and Micaela Jasmine Mojdeh.

Joining the swimmers in the trip are former Senator Nikki Coseteng as head of delegation, PSL President Susan Papa and Secretary General Maria Susan Benasa.

PSL President Papa said “The swimmers are pumped up and ready to compete in this tournament. We are looking forward to a bright campaign in this once in a lifetime experience. As we all know, South Africa has a number of good swimmers. They are not ordinary swimmers, they are record holders.”

Jifrey Azor (5th from right) at the pre-departure area of Ninoy Aquino International Airport prior to the flight to Capetown, South Africa. With him are former Senator Nikki Coseteng (6th from left) as head of delegation, PSL President Susan Papa (extreme right), PSL Secretary General Maria Susan Benasa (2nd from left) and the rest of the members of the Philippine swimming squad.

Meantime, MPCF Camarines Sur President Dante La. Jimenez has expressed optimism in the expected performance of Midshipman Azor in the South African event while the Mariners community prays for his success.

“With the previous record set by him both in recent national and international swimming competitions, we at Mariners System feel confident of the honors he will bring to the country and Mariners in this swimming campaign ”, declared Commodore Jimenez.

The Philippine Swimming league is the national sports association for swimming of the Federation of School Sports of the Philippines (FESSAP), which is the recognized body of the International Sports Federation (FISU). ###