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Elsevier Foundation and Mariners System gear for implementation of Library for Safe Seafaring(L4SS)

MPCF Camarines Sur Chairperson and L4SS Project Adviser Evita L. Jimenez (3rd from right) presides in a meeting with some members of the team which will implement the project ‘Library for Safe Seafaring’ for Mariners System prior to its commencement of operation.

Canaman, Camarines Sur – The Mariners System has started the full-blast preparation to make operational the Library for Safe Seafaring (L4SS) at Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province and in campuses
at MPCF Legazpi City and Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) in Naga City.

In a briefing for the members of the implementing team held on May 28, 2014, MPCF Chairperson Evita L. Jimenez
who is Project Adviser  of the ‘Library for Safe Seafaring’ – a grant from the Amsterdam-based Elsevier Foundation,  she reiterated the benefits which the project will bring not only to the schools’ maritime students but to the
members of the faculty and other interested stakeholders, as well.

“It will be a modern state-of-the-art library which will use recent electronic technology with students, faculty and
other interested parties being able to access information from e-books on maritime studies especially on topics about safe seafaring. Mariners is the only recipient of this grant from Elsevier Foundation in the entire Southeast Asia so its benefits should be harnessed to the fullest in the learning process in our schools’ academic community”,
declared L4SS Project Adviser Evita Jimenez.

This library will be the first of its kind in the maritime education institutions in the Bicol Region as it will have features
in which those who will use the facilities will have unlimited access to relevant information on maritime studies with a 24/7 availability of internet services which is part of an ultra-modern electronics library of this level to be able to function.

Members of the L4SS team led by MPCF President Dante La. Jimenez guide consultant on maritime studies and U.P. Professor Maragtas Amante (center, in printed shirt) in inspecting the library undergoing  renovation.  Included in the ocular tour are (left to right) Commodore Jimenez, Dr. Edgar Despi, Prof. Amante, OFA-OIC Director Jenara Delfino (partly hidden), Mariners System’s Corporate Public Affairs Officer Elmer Abad and VP for Administration Napoleon  Mangente

Through the Mariners schools, the project seeks to develop the MPCF library as a modern learning cum advocacy facility, a reliable source of knowledge on the latest maritime trends, relevant references, teaching tools and learning materials that are accessible to its main users; and technologically equipped, globally connected and manned by a staff trained to use modern technology for library development to promote quality maritime education and training with emphasis on safe seafaring. Technology development is a key requirement in the project considering that while Filipinos rank among the world’s top technology users, and this facility will provide the necessary formal tools. The intended transformation of the library will serve as a model for other institutions.

The project also aims to enhance the library of MPCF into a modern maritime annals updated with relevant maritime publications and internet-linked computers that will serve as a continuing learning facility easily accessible by its main users – the students - and even long after graduation when they already onboard ocean-going vessels. It is called the Library for Safe Seafaring or L4SS because while covering a wide range of categories under technology, science, health and issues of family, society and culture, the information and learning materials will particularly focus on promoting awareness, aiding learning and building capacity on maritime safety.

The project’s over-all goal, however, is not only to have a modern and updated library; it is also an advocacy learning facility to promote awareness and increased competence for maritime safety. For aside from the usual type of disasters, most telling now is the increasing danger or threat of other high-risk incidents at sea like piracy, sea lane conflicts and human/drug trafficking as well as psychological, health and physical dangers on seas for which today’s seafarers must be prepared too.

Project consultant and U.P. Professor Romulo ‘Bobby’ Tuazon  (center, in long sleeves shirt) briefs the members of the team who will implement the library project.  (Left to right) Librarian Christine Camara, HRD Chief  Jess Sarte, VPA Nap Mangente, Professor Tuazon, Executive Assistant to the President Dr. Edgar Despi, OFA Director Jenara Delfino, College Registrar Marietta Relloso and CPAO Staff Dante Florendo.

Meanwhile, the installation of electronic gadgets, the physical arrangement at the library and coordination with consultants and partners in operation in other parts of the globe are being attended to now simultaneously together with the preparation and briefing being made for the academic community who will use the facility so that the benefits it will bring could be harnessed to the fullest in the learning process of students who enroll at the Mariners schools. ###