MPCF Canaman welcomes NS United Marine Philippines team

CANAMAN, Camarines Sur - Another shipping company in partnership with Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation visited the campus this city on November 11-12, 2015. The company’s mission: To look for cadets with knowledge and skills to fit in their company’s mission and vision for the progress of the maritime industry.

Headed by NS United Marine Philippines, Inc.’s president, Capt. Alexander Nuguid, the visiting team included some of the company’s executives and officials such as Capt. Shuji Miyano (Asst. General Manager, Safety Management Group NS United Kaiun Kaisha Ltd.), C/E Takashi Kawamoto (Director, Philippines Standard Shipmanagement Inc.), Mr. Bryan Mayormita (Operations Manager, NS United Marine Philippines Inc.), and C/M Salvador Garay II (Training Manager, NS United Marine Philippines Inc.)

The team was welcomed by MPCF cadets and Shipboard Training director, 3/E Ricardo Vargas at the Naga Airport in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Arriving at the campus in the morning, the visiting team was welcomed by members of the MPCF Canaman administration, management committee, and department heads in the culinary hall for welcome drinks.

The team then proceeded to the Library for Safe Seafaring (L4SS) to conduct the examination for the students who can join their company in the future. The examination was facilitated by VP for Academic Affairs, Ms. Marian Lazaro, and 3/E Ricardo Vargas together with the NS United Marine Philippines officials.

Aside from their goal to recruit cadets for their company, the NS United Marine team also took time to observe the facilities inside the campus, most especially, the training facilities for maritime students. Accompanied by 3/E Pablo Dela Rosa and 3/E Ricardo Vargas, the visitors also dropped by the Office of the President with BOT member, Dr. Gabriel Jimenez.

Highlight their tour was a visit to the engine simulator, the mock-up bridge, and engineering laboratory which are the main training places for BS MARE and BSMT students. CAS

Officials of NS United Marine Philippines Inc. are all smiles upon arrival at the Naga Airport, with 3/E Ricardo Vargas (3rd from right, in Mariners uniform).

Members of MPCF Canaman administration and management committee led by VPA Napoleon Mangente welcome the visitors at the culinary hall.

WELCOME TOAST- NS United Marine Philippines Inc. officials receive a toast of refreshing drinks with the MPCF Administration and ManCom members in the culinary hall.

NSUMP officer gives instructions to MPCF students before exam.

MPCF Cadets carefully reading the questions and answering their exam papers.

3/E Pablo Dela Rosa and 3/E Ricardo Vargas showing some of the modern equipment used in lectures in Marine Transportation subjects.

(Left) NSUMP Officer shakes hands with Engineering Laboratory Head, Engr. Sayanco. (Right) Engr. Vargas showing the features of the control room to one of the NSUMP officials.

NSUMP Officials enjoying the sumptuous meals prepared at the Culinary Hall with the members of the MPCF administration led by CEO Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan.