MPCF Cam Sur President relinquishes stewardship to new CEO

Canaman, Camarines Sur – The Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foudation (MPCF) this province had a ‘changing of the guard’ when President Dante La. Jimenez turned-over the cudgel of leadership to the new Chief Executive Officer and Chairman - Dr. Marilissa Jimenez-Ampuan.

(Left picture) Outgoing President Dante La. Jimenez delivers his valedictory address at the turn-over ceremony of the school leadership to Dr. Marilissa Jimenez-Ampuan. Seated on the stage, L to R – BOT President Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez, Dr. Ampuan, Mariners System’s Chairman Emeritus Madame Eliza Lazaro Jimenez, BOT Vice President Evita Jimenez and VP for Administration Napoleon Mangente. (Right picture) The new Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of MPCF-Cam Sur.

In fitting ceremonies held on July 10, 2015 at the JCJ Sports Complex in Canaman, Commodore Jimenez formally handed-over the MPCF Flag to his successor to signal his relingquishment of the responsibility as school head.

The occasion was attended by the members of th Board of Trustees, the students, faculty and staff and guests led by Mayor Emmanuel Requejo of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of the Municipality of Canaman.

In his message, the outgoing President cited the highlights on what Mariners is now under his eight-year presidency. Foremost among the achievements is the accreditation granted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) for MPCF Camarines Sur and Legazpi City to offer maritime degree courses; only twenty-three (23) out of more than ninety (90) maritime schools all over the country passed the rigid evaluation conducted by these agencies.

The backdraft at the stage which tells it all; the academic community expressing gratitude to the outgoing President while it welcomes the new Chief Executive Officer.

He also cited the infra-structure build-up within the campus which has improved the carrying capacity of the institution in accommodating the ever-increasing number of enrollees and the financial stability attained by Mariners Camarines Sur today.

After the turn-over ceremony, a press conference with the outgoing and incoming officials ensued with members of the local media in attendance.

On her part, Dr. Ampuan emphasized that under her leadership, there will be a continuation of the significant thrusts started by her predecessor especially on sustaining the level of competence the school has achieved, including the status of being one of the top 23 maritime schools in the country today.

Meantime, Commodore Jimenez remains to be the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Legazpi City, Albay and Chairman of the Board of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges in Naga City.

MPCF holds first campus-based Anti-Illegal Drugs Symposium

School officials led by VP for Administration Napoleon Mangente and Student Affairs Services (SAS) Director Edna Fatima Balaquiao together with officers from the Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office led by P/Sr. Insp. Ruben Padua (center) pose for a souvenir photo after the Anti-Illegal Drugs Symposium held at the JCJ Sports Complex, MPCF Camarines Sur campus.

CANAMAN, Camarines Sur—Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Baras, Canaman, this province recently conducted the first campus-based symposium on anti-illegal drugs in cooperation with the Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office.

The symposium was held at the JC Jimenez Sports Complex and attended by maritime cadets, representatives from the school administration, as well as by members of the faculty and staff.

VP for Administration Napoleon Mangente delivered the Opening Remarks. He highlighted the importance of the event which he said, will create awareness among students and other attendees especially on the negative effects to drug dependents. He also cited the fact that most heinous crimes committed can be traced to have been the handiwork of drug users.

He added that Mariners is determined to support the effort of the Provincial Police Office to further educate the members of the academic community in order to contribute something in the fight against crime committed by people under the influence of illegal drugs.

One of the police officers shared an inspirational message in which he cited the difficulties he encountered during his college days and how perseverance and clean living helped him achieve his dreams. He reiterated the importance of avoiding illegal drugs as without this, one possesses clear positive thoughts as compared to someone who is in to the habit. Being hooked on drugs could cause harm to the body and could ruin the mental health of a person.

Photos: (L to R) - MPCF students attending the first campus based Anti-Illegal Drugs Symposium. VPA Napoleon Mangente delivering his opening remarks and a police officer giving his lecture before the audience.

Photo: (L to R) - Maritime cadet emcee introduces the speakers, two police officers entertaining the crowd with a song during the break and VPA Napoleon Mangente and SAS Director Ms. Fatima Balaquiao awarding a Certificate of Appreciation to one of the speakers.

The speaker concluded his message by saying that one of the secrets of success of a future Seafarer is avoiding vices and staying focused on academic studies while in college.

More lectures were conducted during the event which gave the symposium participants a clear perspective on the negative impact of drug abuse both to the physical and mental health of a person.

An intermission number was performed by two police officers with their guitar and song. After the performance, an open forum ensued.

The police-student encounter was concluded at 12:00 noon with Certificates of Appreciation awarded by school officials to the symposium speakers.

A luncheon followed at the International Culinary Arts Center (ICTC) with the guests from the Philippine National Police joining the school officials . (CAS)