MPCF Alumnus bares pathway to a colorful career in maritime engineering

Chief Engineer Angel Abaro (2nd from left) answers questions from ‘Buhay Marinero’ program anchors VP for Students and External Affairs Napoleon Mangente (extreme right) and Corporate Public Affairs Office (CPAO) Staff Dante Florendo (2nd from right). Ms. Mary Anne Gantong (extreme left) joins the radio program to drumbeat concerns for Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) – Naga campus

Naga City   —  Chief Engineer Angel Abaro of Bombon town, an alumnus of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation in Camarines Sur (batch 2004) disclosed his challenging but rewarding trail towards a career in marine engineering.

In his revelation as guest at the Mariners System’s weekly radio program ‘Buhay Marinero’ over RMN-DWNX Radio, it was a combination of determination and sheer sacrifice which made him hurdle the challenges that posed as barriers when he started as a freshman midshipman at the MPCF campus.

While in college taking-up Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) course, he recalled that it was not only the academic work which he had to attend to but he was also confronted with helping his father (a farmer) plow the field in his free time on ordinary days and on weekends so he could help make both ends meet for the financial requirements of his studies.

He also narrated that when the moment came when most of his time was occupied by academic requirements and school activities at daytime, the chore of helping do the laundry for his kid brothers and sisters became a matter of requirement for him. While he was freed from work at the farm during daytime, he had to do the laundry for the family in the evening.

He admitted during the radio interview that at first, it appeared to be a ‘mission impossible’ for him to combine school and work at home. It also came to a point in which he was considering quitting the course.

However, his determination to become a Marine Engineer propelled him to accept the challenge which he never regretted; he stood to face the situation squarely despite the difficulties. The acceptance of the challenge, according to him, led to his being able to finish college and made him what he is today.

At present, Engineer Abaro now works as Chief Engineer in a German shipping company. He prefers to teach at Mariners-Camarines Sur where he graduated while vacationing in his hometown Bombon. He also has turned to be a Seafarer-businessman with his newly-opened auto repair shops which will soon have several branches in the neighboring towns of Naga City.

“I exhort maritime students as well as those still in High School that should they want to succeed in becoming maritime industry professionals, they should not hesitate to give the best of what they can especially in giving quality to the work they do. Should everyone adopt this attitude, work quality can be expected and this can spell success in their chosen profession”, Engineer Angel Abaro divulged during the Mariners’ radio show ‘Buhay Marinero’.