2016 Intrams roll at Mariners Cam Sur

The Violet Whales and the Green Swordfish teams fight it out in a futsal match at the Dolphins Games 2016. The Violet Whales dominated almost all the games during the intramurals.

Canaman, Camarines Sur   —  The Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province staged this year’s Intramurals, the school’s annual sporting event dubbed as ‘Dolphin Games 2016’. It was participated in by the students from September 21 to 23, 2016. For this year’s occasion, it adopted the theme ‘Fostering Maritime Culture and Unity Through Sports’.

Included in the event are ball games such as Basketball, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, Badminton, Table Tennis and Futsal. Swimming, Rubics Tube Competition, Poster Making, and Doodle Art, Laro ng Lahi, Student Fued and the ‘Minute to Win It’ game were among the focus of competition by the different teams.

Colorful contests in Cheer Dance, Vocal Solo and the talent competition for the Mr and Ms Dolphin Games were among the highlights of the event.

The following inter-color teams vied for the victors’ honors; Red Sea Lion (led by the Propellers Club), the Orange Lobsters of the Harbor’s Club, the Yellow Stingray of the Anchors Club, Green Swordfish by ORES, the Black Viperfish of the Mariners’ First Reponse Team, and the Violet Whales team composed of the Industry Scholars and the members of the Campus Ministry group.

The Violet Team dominated the cultural events after having garnered 1,500 points in this category.

In the sports and athletic events, the Violet Whales dominated the results having attained 2,800 points. The Orange Lobsters got 2,550 points while the Red Sea Lion team got 2,170 points. The Green Swordfish team had 1,820 points. Meanwhile, the Black Viperfish had 1,820 while the Yellow Stingray team got 1,750 points.

The Red, Violet, Orange and Green runners battle to determine who among them is the fastest runner in this track-and-field event at the Dolphins Games 2016.

The seal of the Violet Whales Team. To the victors belong the spoils. Congratulations!

The over-all championship was claimed by the Violet Whales group with a total of 5,210 points. Second was the Orange Lobster team with 3,940 points. Third was the Red Sea Lion group with 3,460 points. Fourth place went to the yellow Stingray team with 2,770 points. The Yellow Stingray at the fourth place had 2,770 points, the Green Sworfish team is in the fifth place with 2,690 points and the Black Viperfish took the sixth place with 2,450 points.

“This annual campus event serves as a break to the focus on academic concerns by the students. It is a factor to the holistic approach in education in which the students are afforded an experience in the field of sportsmanship. It also gives them a taste on how to give themselves to team effort as they strive to give the best of what they can. This experience makes the members of all teams winners”, declared Student Affairs Services (SAS) Director and Sports Coordinator Ramchand Tolaram.