Mariners Sytem, MNCCI, VACC, RMN-DWNX Radio, other people’s organizations launch ‘Tabang Bikol’ for typhoon victims

Canaman, Camarines Sur – A multi-sectoral group composed of people’s organizations have bonded together to spearhead a movement to help the victims of Typhoon Nina which ravaged the Bicol Region on December 25, 2016 (Christmas Day).

In a series of meetings conducted days after the typhoon, it was decided by the representatives of various organizations to campaign for donations, particularly roofing materials to help typhoon victims whose houses have been totally destroyed.

Donations of G.I. sheets and umbrella nails are welcome while cash and other in-kind materials which can help the typhoon victims are also accepted.

In one of the coordination meetings held at the campus of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Canaman, Camarines Sur, it was decided that Tabang Bicol will focus on the campaign to gather materials which can initially provide roofs to the damaged houses; other donations such as used clothing, foodstuffs and cash will also be received and distributed by member-people’s organizations participating in the operation.

The initial move of Tabang Bikol was led by MPCF Board of Trustees member Ms. Evita Jimenez, some officers of Mariners System and local leaders of people’s organizations who volunteered to be a part of the action.

Meantime, donations other than G.I. sheets and umbrella nails will be entrusted and stored at the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) Naga campus while the roofing materials will be received and stocked at MPCF campus in Canaman, Camarines Sur.

Ms. Evita Jimenez (4th from right) presides in one of the coordination meetings attended by officers of Mariners System and leaders of volunteer people’s organizations. Among those in the meeting are MPCF-Cam Sur VPSEA Napoleon Mangente (extreme left), MPCF-Legazpi CGA-OTC Commandant James Dino, PCGA (2nd from left). Others in the pictures are leaders of people’s organizations and Social Welfare officers from the Municipality of Canaman.

Tabang Bikol has DWNX of Radio Mindanao Network in Naga City, represented by Station Manager Al Ubana as its media partner.

One of the factors which inspired the group to move as one under the ‘Tabang Bikol’ banner is the more than 60,000 houses in Bicolandia totally destroyed by the wrath of Typhoon Nina.

The message received from foreign donors who have signified their intention to entrust cash for the cause has further ignited the group to work for the benefit of those hardly hit, especially those whose houses were totally destroyed by the super typhoon.

ICATS conducts orientation seminar for prospective flight/cabin attendants

Naga City - The International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS) conducted a one-day orientation seminar for students and graduates of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) this city on August 8, 2016 held at the Audio-Visual Hall.

The streamer inviting prospective MPC students and graduates of Hospitality Management and Tourism courses who wish to work as flight or cabin attendants in domestic or international airlines to train as interns in the International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS).

This event is the product of the school’s effort in maintaining linkages with institutions and establishments which help enhance the availability of opportunities for the students and graduates where they can work after they finish college.

Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management course have shown their intention to work as Flight or Cabin Attendants. The seminar was an answer to the queries posted by interested parties who have signified their interest in making this profession as their career.

MPC-Naga President and CEO Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan has encouraged the attendees to look closely at the opportunity presented by ICATS as this could be the break which some graduates have been waiting for.

ICATS in offering a training which will give qualifiers the chance to work not only in domestic but international airlines.

Since Mariners Naga has started to offer courses in HRM, BS Tourism, BS in Hospitality Management and other related courses, the school administration has not stopped establishing linkages with institutions and establishments where the graduates can work or enhance their skills in order to be able to land in productive jobs not only in the Philippines but as well as abroad.

“As a matter of policy, we make it customary that our students are given a standard of education which will make them globally competitive so that they will be at par with graduates from other schools when opportunities come”, President Dr. Ampuan added.

Chairman Emeritus Dante Ang of ‘The Manila Times’ visits Mariners

Bicol Region - The Chairman Emeritus of the national daily broadsheet ‘The Manila Times’ - Mr. Dante Ang visited the Mariners schools in Bicol on November 10, 2016 to finalize the publication’s tie-up with the educational institutions.

(Left picture) Mr. Dante Ang and party arrives at the Mariners Training and Hotel Institute (MTHI) and is met by school officials. (Right picture) The MPCF Marching Band play music while the guests have their photo opportunity together with the school Majorettes.

Included in his itinerary were the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Legazpi City, Albay, the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) in Naga City and the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Canaman, Camarines Sur.

He was accorded ‘arrival honors’ by the 901st Coast Guard Auxiliary-Officer Training Corps (CGA-OTC) of MPCF-Legazpi in the morning, after which he met the editorial staff of the school’s student publication ‘The Mariner’.

With Mr. Ang were two pillars of the publication, namely The Manila Times’ Editor-In-Chief Mr.Oscar Cariño and Circulation Director Mr. Vicente Cruz. Together they faced the schools’ faculty, staff and students to answer queries.

In his message, Mr. Ang conveyed to the academic community the latest trends in newspapering including the importance of ‘quality journalism’ which can withstand the test of credibility, accuracy and being fair; a media which informs the public of what goes on without protecting particular vested interests except that of the people’s.

Mr. Dante Ang of the ‘The Manila Times’ as he addresses the members of the editorial staff of the school organs, faculty and staff of the Mariners schools in Bicol. Seated at the head table (left to right): Board of Trustees member Ms. Evita L. Jimenez, MPC-Naga CEO & President Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan, Manila Times Circulation Director Mr. Vicente Cruz and MPCF-Legazpi President & CEO Commodore Dante La. Jimenez.
The members of the school publications’ editorial staff, faculty and staff as they listen to Mr. Dante Ang during the program held at the Jaime’s Hall at the 4th Floor of Mariners Training and Hotel Institute (MTHI).

He briefed the officers of Mariners and those involved in campus publication about the joint venture in which his newspaper will publish the school organ that will be circulated nationwide as a section in the issue. The portion containing the articles written by the students can be detached from the broadsheet and it can withstand in form as an independent school publication.

Present during the visit to receive the guests were MPCF-Camariners Sur and MPC-Naga Chief Executive Officer Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan, MPCF-Legazpi President and CEO Commodore Dante La. Jimenez, Board of Trustees Member Evita L. Jimenez, other officers of the schools and the students involved in the school publication.

This new venture with ‘The Manila Times’ is looked upon by the Mariners’ academic community as a milestone in campus journalism more so that the students will have an exposure in press work which is national in scope.

Graduates of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering course hurdle board exam

Metro Manila - Two graduates of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering course from the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Camarines Sur passed the recently concluded Board Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on October 4, 5 and 6, 2016.

(Left picture) Board passers - Mariners’ new Naval Architect Mark Erwin Hernandez (batch 2012) together with his son and (right picture) Naval Architect Mark Anthony Sarmiento (batch 2016).

In a statement released by School Registrar Marita B. Relloso, the following alumni have successfully passed the examination:

Name Date of Graduation
HERNANDEZ, Mark Erwin Avila March 2012
SARMIENTO, Mark Anthony Bola April 2016

Architect Hernandez hails from Ayugan, Ocampo, Camarines Sur while Architect Sarmiento is from Purok 4, Bgy. Parang, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering is a sunrise course at the Mariners Schools (Camarines Sur and Legazpi City, Albay) as noted in the increasing number of enrollees every academic year. It is a profession which is in demand nowadays in shipyards where sea-vessels are built or where they are repaired and refurbished.

In the Philippines, some MPCF graduates of this course now work with the shipbuilding firm based in Subic Bay in Olongapo City while others have decided to pursue their careers outside the country such as in shipyards in Singapore, Norway and other parts of the world where the shipbuilding industry flourish.

A typical shipyard where Mariners graduates in Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering work. Alumni who finished this course continue to be in demand not only in the Philippines but abroad.
A diagram of a ship about to be built. Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are responsible for the design of sea-vessels so that aesthetics and functionality are taken-cared of before construction is commenced. They are also involved in the supervision of actual physical construction of ships.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Registrar has also announced that the school now accepts transferees from other institutions who wish to shift from Mechanical or Electrical Engineering to Naval Architecture /Marine Engineering course.

“Some subjects which were taken earlier can be credited after evaluation”, said School Registrar Ms. Relloso

The MPCF administration thru Chief Executive Officer Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan has conveyed its congratulatory message to the new Naval Architects of Mariners.

Japanese shipping firm visits Mariners-Cam Sur

Canaman, Camarines Sur - Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province received as guests the representatives of the Japanese shipping company – NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. who visited the school on October 26, 2016.

NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. Assistant General Manager Chief Engineer Mamoro Saito (right) is escorted by Commander Mario Castor, PCGA (left), Commandant of the 902nd Coast Guard Auxiliary-Officer Training Corps (CGA-OTC) of MPCF-Camarines Sur during the arrival honors accorded the visiting guest at the school campus.

Included in the visitors’ entourage are Captain Shuji Miyano and the representative of the counterpart of the Japanese firm in the country - the NS United Marine (Philippines), Inc. represented by Chief Mate Salvador Garay II.

They visited the school to conduct the examination to prospective maritime students who will qualify to join the company for their on-board ship apprenticeship training after graduation. It has been noted that various international shipping groups have been visiting the school regularly to woe the graduates to join their respective maritime businesses.

They also came for the purpose of seeing the existing facilities of the institution used in the training of students to prepare them for the Seafaring job.

The Guest and the Commandant troop the line during the arrival honors accorded the visitor at the school campus. The qualifying examination was given to MPCF-Camarines Sur graduating cadets immediately after the welcome ceremony.
Present at the arrival honors are the members of the visiting NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. delegation which include (first row, left to right) Chief Mate Salvador Garay II and Captain Shuji Miyano. 2nd Engr. Limuel Gasco is at the 1st row-extreme right. Others in the picture are (2nd row) ORES Director Edna Fatima Balaquiao, VP for Administration Dr. Edgar Despi and Academic Assistant Lito Clemente. (3rd row, left to right) A student assistant, Shipboard Training Officer (S.T.O.) 3rd Engr. Ricardo Vargas and Alumni Coordinator Ms. Jo Arnante.

“The NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. and its counterpart partner in the country, the NS United Marine (Philippines), Inc. are among the biggest shipping enterprise operating not only in Japan but worldwide. Maritime graduates who get accepted in this company are lucky as they have a lifetime career before them once they join the firm”, declared VP for Administration Dr. Edgar Despi.

Those who will pass the test will automatically be absorbed by this shipping enterprise in their international sea-going vessels for the apprenticeship phase of their studies.

Mariners System joins celebration of World Teachers’ Day

The schools of Mariners’ System (the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges/Foundation) in the Cities of Legazpi and Naga and in Canaman, Camarines Sur have joined the global celebration of World Teachers’ Day on October 5, 2016.

Maritime students open their respective organization booths at the Org Expo and Mini-Trade Fair during the celebration of the International Day of the Seafarer.

MSAP passers from MPCF in Camarines Sur

Canaman, Camarines Sur - Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province, has released the latest list of passers for the 2016 Maritime School Assessment Program (MSAP) in which the school has registered with flying colors .

Hereunder are the names of MSAP passers from MPCF in Camarines Sur:

As per confirmation from the Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs Marian Her. Lazaro, out of twenty seven (27) maritime schools in the country for the Deck Examinees, the school has ranked number 6 based on the passing rate while it is ranked number 4 based on the average score.
(Left picture) MPCF Camarines Sur maritime cadets listen to a briefing prior to the MSAP qualifying examination. (Right picture) Midshipmen Cadets on their regular formation on a Monday morning for the Morning Colors at the Jaime C. Jimenez Sports Complex.

For the Engine Examinees, MPCF Camarines Sur has ranked number 7 based on the passing rate and has ranked number 5 based on the average score. Most of the MSAP passers are industry scholars of the Japanese shipping firm - Maine Marine and Veritas Shipping company. This very encouraging result has inspired all other aspiring future Seafarers as well as the entire Mariners academic community.

PNP and MPCF Cam Sur launch illegal drugs awareness and prevention

Canaman, Camarines Sur - The Guidance Office of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF), this province has funneled a seminar on ‘Effective Learning Styles, Motivation and Goal Setting’ on August 5, 2016 at the JCJ Sports Complex. It was attended by Senior High School and First Year College students.

(Left picture) senior high school and first year college students listen to Ms. Laurice A. Torres (right picture) from the Division of Camarines Sur, Department of Education as she explicates on the timely subject intended for the personality improvement of the students.

Guidance Counselor Ms. Laurice A. Torres of the Department of Education (DepEd) was invited as guest-discussant during the symposium. She expounded on the importance of acquiring effective learning styles, how to be motivated and on how to set goals.

Vice President for Student and External Affairs Napoleon Mangente said, “This forum is important inasmuch as aside from the academic subjects which students take inside the classrooms, they are afforded the opportunity to gain insights on how to conduct and carry themselves when they mingle with other people and the acquisition of the ideal attitude towards their studies and work , especially after they graduate from this institution”.

The audience was enthusiastic and they showed interest in learning new knowledge imparted by the resource person.

From time to time, the school invites speakers even from outside the campus to beef-up the knowledge of students and especially the maritime cadets.

DepEd’s Ms. Laurice Torres as she gives that ‘personal touch’ during the talk thru a close-up interaction with students. The audience enthusiastically responded to the call on how they can improve their personality along the line of attitude and motivation enhancement.

An open forum ensued after the resource person finished her discourse. This gave the students a chance to clarify issues which they did not fully understand during the talk but were given ample answers at this portion of the symposium.

PNP and MPCF Cam Sur launch illegal drugs awareness and prevention

Canaman, Camarines Sur - The Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province in cooperation with the Philippine National Police (PNP) Provincial Police Office has sponsored a symposium on ‘Illegal Drugs Awareness and Prevention’, held at the JCJ Sports Complex on July 29, 2016.

VP for Student and External Affairs Napoleon Mangente addresses the students, faculty, staff at the Seminar on ‘Illegal Drug Awareness & Prevention’. Seated at the head table (L to R) ORES Director Edna Fatima Balaquiao, Senior High School Principal Eden Arenas, Symposium Speaker PO2 Fatima Lanuza, VP for Academic Affairas Marian Her. Lazaro,Human Resource Director Carlo J. Ampuan and VP for Administration Dr. Edgar Despi (partly hidden).

Led by the office of the Vice President for Student and External Affairs, it was participated not only by the students but also by the members of the school’s faculty and staff. Other interested parties from the school neighborhood were also in attendance.

In his opening remarks, VPSEA Napoleon Mangente informed the audience of the importance of knowing the ins and outs of the drug menace ravaging our country today which affect especially the youth.

“Mariners pushes for a zero tolerance when it comes to drug use or abuse by students and all members of the academic community’, declared VP Mangente.

On the part of the Senior High School Department, Principal Eden Arenas has put emphasis on the young students’ being able to know the harm brought about by illegal drugs.

“The seminar will bring forth to the young minds of our students the cognizance of the fact that nobody has emerged a winner after doing drugs’, said principal Arenas.

On the part of the Guest Speaker, PO2 Lanuza has made it a point that all negative vibrations could come to the user plus the fact that one could get deep into trouble with the law and the authorities.

Health, family relation, financial and all other kinds of problems could erupt once a member of the family gets addicted to illegal drugs.

(Left picture) Members of the faculty, staff, senior high school and college students listen attentively to PO2 Fatima Lanuza (right picture) of the Philippine National Police as she expounds on matters about ‘Illegal Drugs Awareness and prevention” during the symposium.

MPCF-Camarines Sur’s pro-active stand on the problem on drugs will continue more so that the school is in to training future ship officers and Seafarers.

As a matter of policy, a very strict medical requirement, including drug testing is being observed by the school before any student is accepted to enroll in the institution.

Archbishop Rolando Tirona graces opening of Seafarers’ Healthy Bites

Canaman, Camarines Sur - The JaimeLiza, Inc. of Mariners System has opened the Seafarers’ Healthy Bites (SHB) canteen to cater to students, faculty, staff and the community in the neighborhood who are looking for healthy food alternatives.

(Left picture) The façade of the ‘Seafarers’ Healthy Bites canteen. (Right picture) Archbishop Rolando Tirona (center) as he blesses the canteen. Others in the picture (left to right) are Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez, Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan, Ms. Evita L. Jimenez (partly hidden) and Commodore Dante La. Jimenez (in blue shirt) during the Blessing Rites.

Archbishop Rolando Tirona of the Archdiocese of Caceres graced the opening of the establishment with him having blessed the canteen facilities as well as the office of JaimeLiza, Inc.

This establishment serves food supplied by farmers who are certified producers of organic foodstuffs. The recipes offered are unique and are affordable.

JaimeLiza President Ms. Evita L. Jimenez has waged a campaign among the members of the academic community to watch the quality of their food intake. One of the advocacies envisioned by Mariners Healthy Bites is to have healthy members of the academic community starting with the school officials, faculty, staff and the studentry. It also encourages people in the neighborhood to be conscious with the quality of the food they eat.

The opening of the Seafarers’ healthy Bites coincided with the 93rd birthday of the Co-Foundress of the school Madame Eliza Lazaro Jimenez.

Among the school officials who attended the blessing and inauguration were Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) Camarines Sur CEO Dr. Marilisssa J. Ampuan, Legazpi MPCF President Dante L. Jimenez, MPC-Naga Executive Vice President Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez, BOT Members Ms. Evita L. Jimenez and Ms. Merle J. San Pedro.

The department heads of the school also graced the affair led by VP for Student and External Affairs Napoleon Mangente and VP for Academic Affairs Marian Her. Lazaro.

Farmers who supply the organically-produced farm products used in the recipes at SHB were present during the blessing and inauguration.

(Clockwise) The blessing of the JaimeLiza, Inc. Office led by Archbishop Tirona. BOT Member Evita Jimenez with VPSEA Nap Mangente, Canaman, Camarines Sur Mayor Atty. Emmanuel Requejo and Mariners System Financial Consultant Ed Claveria. Commodore Dante Jimenez in a huddle with Msgr. Tirona after the Blesing Rites and BOT Member Merle Jimenez with Archbishop Tirona at the SHB Blessing and Inauguration.

This advocacy on healthy living is brought on-air via the weekly radio program ‘Buhay Marinero’ of the Mariners System over RMN-DWNX Radio in Naga City and Camarines Sur and broadcast every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 in the morning.

MPCF Cam Sur observes International Day of Seafarers

Canaman, Camarines Sur - The Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province joined the maritime world in the celebration of the 2016 International Day of Seafarers.

Maritime students open their respective organization booths at the Org Expo and Mini-Trade Fair during the celebration of the International Day of the Seafarer.

Traditionally, June 25 of each year is celebrated by the stakeholders of the maritime industry to honor in fitting ceremonies the living as well as fallen Seafarers. Those who embrace this profession are looked upon as heroes as without them, it is believed that the world will not be as what it is today. At Mariners Camarines Sur, the event was observed on the 24th of June, a day before the slated date so students could participate.

Seafarers are given this much importance due to the uniqueness of the profession while the contribution they offer to world commerce and development is acknowledged. Seamen are present in almost all countries of the world handling and transporting people and cargoes.

From raw materials to finished products, they help the world more so that the shipping industry is considered the most efficient means of transporting bulk and chemical cargoes. Land and air vehicles may be used to move goods but the most economical and efficient way is via the sea transportation.

The ships will not be able to perform their tasks without the trained Seafarers to man them. This is how important the Seafaring profession to world commerce and to lives of people all over the world.

(Left picture) President-CEO Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan (center in dark coat) and some school officials pose in-front of one of the booths at the Org Expo and Mini Trade Fair after the short program. (Right picture) School officials join maritime cadets in an activity during the International Day of Seafarers.

(Left picture) SAS Director Ramchand Tolaram (left) and a student test the life-vest in one of the booths. (Right picture) Organic meat is on display to encourage the members of the Mariners academic community to consume healthy food like this organically produced pork.

Due to the nature of the Seafarers’ work, the maritime as well as the global community express gratitude by honoring the Seafarers worldwide in this occasion.

At MPCF, a simple but colorful activity was held which started with a Holy Mass at 5:30 in the morning at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga City, followed by a Fun Walk and Zumba at the school campus.

A short program and Fun Walk which featured the Band and Majorettes, messages were delivered before the student body, faculty and staff by President and CEO Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan and VP for Student and External Affairs Mr. Napoleon Mangente.

The opening of the Org Expo and Mini-Trade Fair ensued. The celebration was made colorful and meaningful with the participation of students, faculty, staff and the school officials.

Marlow Navigation inks scholarship MOA with Mariners Camarines Sur

Canaman, Camarines Sur - The Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province, welcomed the delegation from Marlow Navigation (Philippines), Inc. on June 29, 2016 for the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on scholarship with the school and student-recipients.

Captain Leo Tenorio of Marlow Navigation (standing) stresses a point before the scholars and parents who attended the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement with MPCF school officials. (Seated, left to right) – Academic Assistant Lito Clemente, Mr. Dan Aldrich Tolentino of Marlow Navigation, VPSEA Nap Mangente and VPAA Marian Her. Lazaro.

With Marlow Navigation’s Chief Executive Officer Captain Leopoldo Tenorio and Prospective Officer Recruitment Career Development Manager Mr. Dan Aldrich Tolentino, the event was witnessed by school officials led by Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Marian Her. Lazaro and Vice President for Student and External Affairs (VPSEA) Napoleon Mangente.

The student-scholar qualifiers, together with their parents and guardians were present during the event.

Captain Tenorio exhorted the students to make good in their academic performance and to treasure the opportunity inasmuch as not everyone is afforded this privilege. He pledged to help those who qualified as this will be the start of their careers as Seafarers in one of Europe’s biggest shipping companies. He reiterated that the school now offers the best in terms of qualified faculty members and the state-of-the-art maritime study laboratories which include the bridge simulator and the globally-connected Library for Safe Seafaring (L4SS).

(Left picture) VPAA Marian Lazaro as she addresses the students and parents. (Right picture) The scholars, together with their parents and guardians listen attentively to the message of VPAA Lazaro.

On the part of MPCF, VPAA Lazaro and VPSEA Mangente assured the students and parents of the school’s commitment for excellence when it comes to maritime education.

Among the students awarded the scholarship (and honored by the presence of their parents) include Midn. Jerico Q. Jacob who was accompanied by his mother - Mrs. Gina Jacob, Midn. Mike C. Aranto who was with his father Mr. Ronaldo Aranto, Midn. John Louie Z. Tabinas and his mother Mrs. Lourdes Tabinas and Midn. Jake P. Zaldivar and her mother Mrs. Alita P. Zaldivar.

With the school’s partnership with this European shipping company, it is expected that more will benefit in the days to come from the scholarship grants especially deserving students coming from the marginalized families in the Bicol Region.

WIMA President Merle San Pedro receives visiting World Maritime University exec

Metro Manila - The officers of the Women in Maritime (WIMA) Philippines received and played host to the visiting President of World Maritime University (WMU) Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry. The lady maritime educator was in the country from May 4 to 8, 2016.

World Maritime University President Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry (4th from left) poses for a souvenir photo with the Women in Maritime (Philippines) led by incumbent President Merle Jimenez San Pedro (5th from left) and Immediate Past President Carla Limcaoco (2nd from right), together with other WIMA officers.

WIMA President Merle San Pedro, who is the newly elected head of the organization in the country is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) schools in Canaman, Camarines Sur, Legazpi City, Albay And the Mariners school in Naga City. She is also President of the Mariners Polytechnic Training Centers (MPTC) in Manila and Cavite.

Dr. Henry visited the country to strengthen the linkages in the Philippines of the institution she represents and to support the advocacies of women who work in maritime institutions.

WIMA, true to its mandate, continues to work on its engagements to further enhance the welfare of women who labor in the maritime industry.

Singapore hosts ACI Maritime HR and Crew Management Conference

The men and women in the world of human resources of the maritime industry. In the picture are Mariners Systems’ MPC-Naga HR Director Karlo Jimenez Ampuan (1st picture, 6th from left). MPTCI President Merle Jimenez San Pedro (2nd picture, 3rd from left), and together with other conference attendees at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium.

Singapore - The Active Communications International (ACI) in this city-state has organized the 18th Maritime HR and Crew Management Conferene on March 9 and 10, 2016.

Mariners Polytechnic Training Center, Inc. (MPTCI) President and Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF)-Legazpi Executive Vice President Merle Jimenez-San Pedro represented the Mariners System in this event and was the only Filipino invited to grace the occasion. She likewise was designated conference chair on Day 1.

One of the highlights of this event was the paper presentation on the subjet - WOMEN: The Untapped Human Resource in Seafaring, Key Factors in Attracting and Retaining Women Seafarers.

“As panelist for the topic on Women, my presentation used results of the survey conducted among our women maritime officers/seafarers from Mariners whom we have traced and made contact with in Manila”, said Ms. San Pedro.

The conference has been considered as a good opportunity for networking with other international maritime counterparts.

“A future visit at the Singapore Maritime University to meet colleagues in Maritime Education and Training (MET) could be scheduled for possible research collaboration”, Madame San Pedro stated.

The Mariners System continue to value the role women play in the maritime industry.

FAME and WIMAPHIL forge partnership to promote maritime careers for women

Metro Manila - The Filipino Association for Mariners' Employment, Inc. (FAME) and Women in Maritime Philippines Association (WIMAPHIL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on April 15, 2016, confirming their strategic alliance and tactical partnership to promote the greater integration of women in the seafaring profession.

Officers of the Filipino Association for Mariners' Employment, Inc. (FAME) and Women In Maritime Philippines Association (WIMAPHIL) during the signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU). Seated (Seated - left to right) FAME VP for External Affairs Ericson Marquez, Women in Maritime Philippines Association (WIMAPHIL) President Carla S. Limcaoco, FAME President Marlon R. Roño and WIMAPHIL Treasurer Merle Jimenez-San Pedro.

Through this partnership, FAME and WIMAPHIL will promote the need for an integrated strategy among stakeholders on the recruitment, training and career development of female maritime professionals. At the same time they will create an awareness in their respective spheres of influence of the need for appropriate facilities and the promotion of their welfare on board.

Both FAME and WIMAPHIL recognize the added value of integrating women into the seafaring sector to contribute to the sustainability of the Philippines’ leadership in the global maritime manpower sector.

Other officers of FAME and WIMAPHIL after the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) signing. (Back row – left to right) Capt. Victor S. Del Prado (Director), Engr. Sammuel T. Lim (Director), Engr. Elmer A. Pulumbarit (Director), Atty. Rodello B. Ortiz (Board Secretary), Carmen B. Rebusi (Treasurer), Capt. Teodoro B. Quijano (Director), Capt. Emmanuel L. Regio (Director), and Mr. Jose Albar G. Kato (Director)

The agreement was signed at the Manila Yacht Club.