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The Guidance and Testing Office adheres to the following objectives:

  1. To assist students in optimizing their potentials cognitively, physically, socially, and morally through effective guidance services, leading to stable and confident Maritime Merchant Officers.
  2. To assist students in all available manners, providing them better adopting and adjustment capabilities in the school.
  3. To assist students in realizing within themselves the solution towards internal/external conflicts.
  4. To provide students with various extra-curricular opportunities while within the institution, such as organizations and different institutional services, which attributes to the creation of self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership.
  5. To assist students in the realization of their needs and priorities, leading them to easier fulfillment of goals.

Business Process:


1. Appraisal
The Guidance and Testing Office keeps a cumulative record of students which gives personal data and personality profiles of their interests, likes and dislikes, and other relevant information. It is a continuous process of accumulating, recording and utilizing the information on each student for guidance and counseling purposes and obtaining a complete picture of the individual. The goal is to obtain baseline data for understanding a student’s growth experience and potentials.

2. Counseling
Considered as the “heart and soul” of the guidance services, this service aims to assist students in gaining deeper self-understanding and awareness of one’s problems and the effective use of the decision process by formulating alternatives and projecting consequences of each that allow students to review critically what has taken place and makes provision for future meetings if they are needed.

3. Information
This program provides educational, occupational, and personal/social information to the students. This service consists of information dissemination to students and parents about the different guidance activities, guidance services, vocational opportunities, and educational information for better adjustment and personal growth. Programs are designed and facilitated to help students discover their innate ability and talents as well as to develop their emotional intelligence.

4. Admissions
The Guidance and Testing Office also facilitates the admission and selection process of incoming students and enrollment of old students.

5. Testing
This service covers the administration, scoring, interpretation, and evaluating results of selected tests such as Entrance Examinations, Personality tests, and IQ tests.

6. Follow-up/Referral
This service is designed keep in touch with the students’ educational and social progress. This program will also determine the effectiveness of the guidance services given to a student.