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(As per CHED Memo No. 9 series of 2013)



The Office of Student Affairs & Services is primarily concerned with the coordination and overall development of the non-academic areas of student life.


  1. Mariners seeks to form individuals who can later become productive citizens of the country and the world (Section 4, Article II).
  2. Provide set of student-centered activities and services in support of academic instruction (Section 4, Article II)
  3. Provide services and programs that relate to student welfare, student development and those that relate to institutional programs and services (Section 10, Article V).

Major Area of Concern of SAS

  • Management and Administration (Article VI)
  • Student Welfare (Article VII)
  • Student Development (Article VIII)
  • Institutional Student Programs and Services (Article IX)
  • Research on Student Affairs and Services (Article X)

STUDENT WELFARE – these are basic services that are necessary to serve the well-being of students. These include Information, Orientation and Awareness, Guidance and Counseling, Career and Placement, Economic Enterprise Development and, Student Handbook/Guidebook developmentSTUDENT WELFARE – these are basic services that are necessary to serve the well-being of students. These include Information, Orientation and Awareness, Guidance and Counseling, Career and Placement, Economic Enterprise Development and, Student Handbook/Guidebook development

  • Information and Orientation Services – the institution shall have information materials on institutional mission, vision and goals, academic, rules and regulations, student conduct and discipline, services and facilities and such other information necessary for student development and should be made accessible and would be available to all students.

  • Guidance – a set of services using an integrated approach to the development of well-functioning individuals primarily helping them to utilize their potentials to the fullest.

  • Counseling – individual and / or group intervention designed to facilitate positive change in student behavior, feelings and attitudes.

  • Appraisal – gathering information about students through the use of psychological tests and non-psychometric devices.

  • Follow-up – a systematic monitoring to determine the effectiveness of guidance activities in general, and placement in particular.

  • Career and Job Placement Services – refer to the assistance provided for occupational and vocational fitness and employment; the students must be informed of the timelines for the Mariners’ assistance in seeking career and job placement at least until a specified period of time.

  • Economic Enterprise Development – refers to those services and programs that would cater to the other economic needs of students such as: 1) student cooperatives 2) entrepreneurial 3) income generating projects and 4) savings.

  • Student Handbook/Guidebook Development (now called Student Manual) – there must be mechanisms to develop the student handbook/guidebook and updates be made into accessible formats for dissemination, information and guidance of students and college stakeholders.

STUDENT DEVELOPMENT –these are programs and activities designed for the enhancement and deepening of leadership skills and social responsibility, which include student organizations and activities, leadership training programs, student council/government, student discipline and student publication/media.

  • STUDENT ACTIVITIES –supervision, recognition and monitoring of student organizations and their activities such as leadership programs, student publication sports development, etc.

  • STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES – refer to the recognition/accreditation, supervision and monitoring of student groups including the evaluation of their activities.

  • LEADERSHIP TRAINING – are programs and opportunities to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness in the personal level and student organizations.

  • STUDENT COUNCIL/GOVERNMENT – refers to the student body duly organized and elected at large by the students themselves, with due recognition and authority from the HEI, as the students’ official representative on matters affecting them.

  • STUDENT DISCIPLINE - refers to the judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct.

  • STUDENT PUBLICATION/YEARBOOK – refers to the official publication/organ/journal/yearbook and such other student oriented print and non-profit media of the college.

INSTITUTIONAL STUDENT PROGRAMS AND SERVICES –these are programs and activities offered by the college to facilitate the delivery of essential services to the students that include Admission, Scholarship and Financial Assistance, Food, Health, Security and Safety, Housing and Residential Services, Multi-Faith, Foreign/International Students and other programs such as: culture and arts, sports, social and community involvement.

  • ADMISSION SERVICES – refer to services that take care of the processing of students’ entrance and requirements.

  • SCHOLARSHIPS AND STUDENT ASSISTANCE – refer to the management, generation and/or allocation of funds for scholarship and financial assistance aid to deserving students.

  • FOOD SERVICES - refer to the insurance of available, adequate, safe and healthy food within the campus and immediate vicinity in accordance with the food, safety and sanitation guidelines of the Department of Health.

  • HEALTH SERVICES – refer to the provision of primary health care and wellness program.

  • SAFETY AND SECURITY SERVICES – refer to the provision of a safe and secure environment and that of the members of the academic community.

  • STUDENT HOUSING AND RESIDENTIAL SERVICES – refer to the assistance provided to ensure access to accommodation that is safe and conductive to learning.

  • MULTI-FAITH SERVICES – refer to the provision of an environment conductive to free expression of one’s religious orientation in accordance with institutional principles and policies.

  • FOREIGN/INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES – refer to the provision of assistance to address the needs of foreign students.

  • SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS AND PERSON WITH DISABILITIES – not applicable to maritime schools. Audiometry and Ishihara are required in the maritime programs.

  • CULTURE AND ARTS PROGRAM – refer to the set of activities designed to provide opportunities to develop and enhance talents, abilities and values for appreciation, promotion and conservation of national culture and multi-cultural heritage.

  • SPORTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS – are programs designed for physical fitness and wellness of the students; there shall be a regular conduct of sports programs supporting school athletes and the whole studentry.

  • SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PROGRAMS – refer to the programs and opportunities designed to develop social awareness, personal internalization and meaningful contribution to nation-building.

  • OTHER RELATED PROGRAMS AND SERVICES – refer to those that include other institutional programs that might be established by the institution.

RESEARCH ON STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES – researches shall be conducted wherein students will be involved wherein results and outputs shall be disseminated and utilized.

MONITORING AND EVALUATION – feedback mechanism on the effectiveness of the Student Affairs and Services; there shall be mechanisms for regular monitoring and evaluation on the implementation of student services and likewise mechanism to ensure sustainability of effective programs.


            The component offices covered by the Student Affairs and Services department are the following: Guidance, Admission and Recruitment Office, Student Assistance and Auxiliary Services, Student Discipline, Co-/Extra-Curricular Activities, Sports Office, Health Services, Placement/Internship Office, Scholarship Office, Student Council, Student Organizations, Alumni Affairs Office, Admin Scholars, Band and Majorettes, Foreign Student Unit.

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