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THE L4SS PROJECT - Donate a Book to our new digital library
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Randy Francia

Vice President
Winston Relayo

Celeste Ramos

Erwin Angeles

Jefferson Roy Sr.

Arthur Gaddi

Business Managers
Christa Magno
Antonio Relos

Board of Directors
Manuel Olivan | BSMT
Ricardo Vargas | BSMarE
Nhea Jane Sienes | BSCA
Renato Borromeo | CSMS/SRC



DONATE A BOOK PROJECT - Library for Safe Seafaring


  • 3/O Eugene Nollora De Leon - November 2014
    1. SOLAS Ammendments 2008 and 2009
    2. International Convention for Safe COntainers 1972 CSC 2012 Ed
    3. How to Keep yout Admirality Products Up-To-Date NP294 7th Ed 2013
    4. Admirality List of Radio Signals GMDSS NP 285 Vol 5 2013/14
    5. The Mariner's Handbook Admirality Charts and Publications NP 100 9th Ed 2009
  • C/E George B. Gaspi - November 2014
    1. The Welding Handbook for Maritime Welders | Welding and Processes for Repair and Maintenance Onboard 10th Ed
    2. Engineering Materials and Processes by DOnald S. Clark 3rd Ed
  • Chief Cook Allan Gil F. Arnante - October 2014
    1. Easy Meals - One Pot bu Creative Director Terry Jeavons
    2. Japanese Cuisine - by Chen Shiu Lee
    3. Quick and Easy Japanese CUisine for Everyone by Ukiko Moriyama
    4. CHinese Cooking made Easy by DOuglas Marsland
    5. The HEalthy Heart Cookbook
    6. Eggs and Cheese by The Editors of Time-Life Books
  • Noel V. Soreta - September 2014
    1. Video Material Bow Loading Hose Connection
  • Chief Cook Allan Gil F. Arnante - September 2014
    1. How to Keep your Admirality Products Up-to-Date
    2. GMDSS
    3. ECDIS Today: Talking Navigation
    4. NEWS
    5. General Operator COurse for GMDSS handbook: including Simulator Manual
    6. International Health Regulations 1969
    7. ISPS Code 2003 Edition
    8. Maritime Labour Conventions and Recommendations 4th Revised Ed
    9. Brown's Nautical Almanac 2011
    10. Mga Seaman: Nakaligtaang Abutin
    11. CDI: Ship Inspection Report Chemical Tanker 5th Ed 2003
    12. The Mariner's Role in COllecting Evidence in Light of ISM 3rd Ed 2006
    13. How to Keep your Admirality CHarts Up-to-Date 4th Ed 2007
    14. SYmbols and Abbreviations used in Admirality Charts
    15. The Mariner's Handbook 8th Ed 2004
    16. Safety at Sea International: Superferry Survivors Magazine
    17. Safety at Sea International: Grounded Magazine
    18. Safety at Sea International: Breathe Easy Magazine
    19. Safety at Sea International: Black Rose Ruse Magazine
    20. Safety at Sea International: Searching for Answers Magazine
    21. Safety at Sea International: Breaking Point Magazine
    22. Safety at Sea International: Toughing it Out Magazine
    23. Map of Philipine Island Western Part of Bohol Sea with Cebu Strait and Part of Tañon Strait
    24. Map of Malaysia and Singapore: Kuala Johor and Sungai Johor
    25. Map of South CHina Sea: Singapore Strait to Selat Karimata
    26. Radar Plotting Sheet 6 pcs
    27. Capt Fields Pattern - Bar Parallel RUles Plotting Sheet
    28. Navigational Triangle Ruler 2 pcs
    29. Chart Divider
  • Chief Officer Richelle Borja - August 2014
    1. Admirality Charts and Publications: The Mariners' Handbook" 8th Ed 2004
    2. Admirality Charts and Publications: Symbols and Abbreviationsused on Admirality Charts 5011 Ed 3
    3. Admirality Charts and Publications: How to Keep your Admirality Charts Up-to-Date 4th Ed 2007
    4. SOLAS Consolidated Ed 2004
    5. SOLAS Ammendments 2003, 2004, 2005
    6. The Mariner's ROle in Collecting Evidence in Light of ISM 3rd Ed 2006
    7. CDI Ship Inspection Report - CHemical Tanker 5th Ed 2003
    8. Mga Seaman - Nakaligtaang Abutin by Martin Otto
  • OIC Christopher C. Llenaresas - August 2014
    1. Chart of Publication Catalogue
    2. Chart of Taiwan Strait Northern Part
    3. Chart of China and Korea Bo Hai and Northern Part of the Yellow Sea
    4. Chart of China Dong Hai Wengzhore Wan to Ningbo Gang
    5. Chart of SIngapore Strait Eastern Part
    6. Routing Chart Indian Ocean 2 pcs
    7. Chart of Red Sea - Egypt Gulf of Suez R' As Sharatib to Juzur Ashrapi
    8. Chart of Suez Canal (Qanat As Sunways
    9. Chart of Malaysia and Indonesia
    10. Chart of Bay of Bengal Andaman Sea
  • C/E Gilbert R. Balce - August 2014
    1. Codes of Federal Regulations Book (Part 1 to 124 of Revised as of July 1 2012) Navigation and Navigable Waters
    2. Admirality List of Radio Signals: Maritime Radio Stations (Europe, Africa, and Asia) Vol 1
    3. Admirality List of Lights and Fog Signals: SOuthern and Eastern Sides of the North Sea
    4. South CHina Sea Chart GAOLAN 1557
    5. Tuas View to Palau Sakijang Bendera Chart (St. John's Island) TUAS VIEW 4040
    6. Sinki Fairway Chart (Port of Singapore) 4032
    7. Pulau Sebarok to Changi Chart (Singapore and Indonesia) 4041
  • Oliver Martin E. Orcine - August 2014
    1. French Family Cooking Book by Eileen Reece
    2. All Time Favorite Hamburger and Ground Meats Recipes by Better Homes and Gardens
    3. Compilation of Recipes
  • 2/M Godrick Real Saculo - August 2014
    1. Merchant Shipping Notices, Marine Guidance Notes and Marine Notes (Consolidate to July 2005 Vol 1)
    2. Merchant Shipping Notices, Marine Guidance Notes and Marine Notes (Consolidate to July 2005 Vol 2)
    3. Merchant Shipping Notices, Marine Guidance Notes and Marine Notes (Consolidate to July 2005 Vol 3)
    4. IMO SMCP
    5. Seagull Reviewers - CBT
  • OIC Benjo S. Lopez - December 2013
    1. Revised MARPOL Annex VI
    2. ISPS Code (International Ships and Port Facility Security Code and SOLAS)
    3. Maritime Safety Information (2003)
    4. Cide on Alarms and Indicator (Old Ed)
    5. The Nautical Institute Maritime Security A Practical Guide by Steven Jones (2006)
    6. List of Ship Station and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments
    7. Sight Reduction Table for Air Navigation Selected Stars Epoch 2010
    8. Working Gloves 6 pairs