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The extension programs of MPCF shall be the attainment of sustainable, resilient and empowered communities.


The MPCF Extension programs are committed to improve the delivery of best practices in the service area and help the communities build their capacities towards disaster risk reduction management, solid waste management, marine environment, and gender and development.


  1. Focus on the four banner programs.
  2. Establish linkages with government and non-government organizations.
  3. Gather the best practices from private and state institutions for capacity building and literacy improvement.
  4. Prepare gender development programs for the communities toward socio-economic development.
  5. Training on Disaster Preparedness and Environmental Management

The CES shall contribute to social progress and sustainable development along these programs:

  • Training on Disaster Preparedness
  • Environmental Management
  • Livelihood Enhancement
  • Institutional Development

Activities are directed towards training the residents for environmental protection of bodies of water and coastal areas.

Product of researches in marine engineering/marine transportation and relevant courses shall be implemented for the improvement of extension programs delivery bringing socio-economic changes to the community.


Values guiding the operation of the center should be on:

  • Commitment – Extensionists should be attached, identified with and dedicatedly involved in his/her extension program/project.
  • Professionalism – Establishment of work ethics towards the performance of duties and responsibilities.
  • Creativity - The constant search for new strategies and techniques to attain desirable outcomes.
  • Unity – The application of work behaviour desired for the attainment of teamwork among work groups and clients.

7.3 Key Strategies

  • Convergence – Cooperation among all sectors of the academe, and government agencies and private sectors.
  • Community Based - The programs should be based on the needs, problems and resources of the communities being serve.
  • Participatory – Beneficiaries should be involved in planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and sharing of benefits.
  • Unity – MPCF and recipient communities shall work as one in pursuing a common goal.


The CES has the following objectives for the AY 2018-2023:

  1. Arrange activities to uphold students’ enthusiasm and involvement through CESO Volunteers Organizations; and
  2. Organize community participation among MPCF students, faculty and staff, across departments through collaborative extension activities (Target at least 2 times)

29th Year Alay Kay Boboy

December 12, 2019, JCJ Complex, MPCF-Canaman, Cam. Sur

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Blood donation
blood letting
Volunteers from the Mariners First Response Team and Mariners Red Cross Youth attend to a blood donor on Dec. 10, 2012 at the MPCF Canaman Gym. Members of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary joined the outreach activity on international human rights day.

June 25, 2012: International Day of Seafarers
MPCF Canaman students lead a contingent during a parade in Naga City to celebrate the International Day of Seafarers June 25, 2012. The Day of Seafarers was marked all over the world.

Alay kay Boboy for poor children
MPCF Canaman Board of Trustees led by Chair Emerita Eliza L. Jimenez (front), officials, and students conclude the Alay kay Boboy yearly Christmas give-giving and fun games with a group photo. Held every Dec. 20, the event is in memory of the late Naval Engr. Jaime L. Jimenez, Jr. and is for indigent children of Canaman's barangays.

Relief operation for Typhoon Habagat victims
Students pack relief goods and used clothes for Typhoon Habagat victims (August 2012) in Metro Manila including Montalban, Rizal in cooperation with CenPEG and urban poor community alliance Kadamay. Relief operations were also conducted for Typhoon Ondoy victims in 2009.

Book donations
book donations
Northern Canaman High School at Fundado, Canaman led by the assistant principal and property officer receives books from ORES' Fatima Balaquiao (right) in July 2012. The donations came from Wilhelm Maler and Eberhard Schmid of the Friends from Germany, Anvil Publishing, and other donors facilitated by CenPEG. Other book donations went to Tacolod Elementary School, Naga City; Sta. Cruz National High School (Canaman); and San Francisco (Bawa) Elementary School.

Tree planting
tree planting
For every tree planted, a life: MPCF Canaman students take tree planting seriously and make it a yearly commitment.

Earthquake drill
earthquake drill
Schoolchildren of Tacolod Elementary School, Naga City, learn safety tips during earthquake preparedness drill facilitated by ORES with school officials in July 2012. A similar drill was held at the Kurtland Elementary School.

Coastal cleaning
coastal cleanup
Fishermen (left) join volunteers from the Mariners First Response Team and Coast Guard clear the coast of Sabang, Calabanga of garbage and toxic debris during a regular environmental activity.

For fair electricity rates

Members of Casureco consumers movement campaign for fair electricity rates and reform of the local cooperative with discussions, petitions, rallies, and door-to-door information drive. The consumers' campaign is ongoing.

Partnership with community, Coast Guard and NGOs
Disaster risk reduction briefing led by Mariners volunteers at Barangay (village) Dominorog, Calabanga, Camarines Sur.

Mariners faculty 3/M Pablo dela Rosa (2nd from right) leads student volunteers from Mariners First Response Team with staff of CARE ACCORD at Dominorog, Calabanga.